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Stone repairing epoxy

  Stone repairing epoxy is used for repairing irregular cracks like micro-cracks, sand holes, hair fissure and uneven patches on the surface of various marbles and granites. The system can enhance the stone slab and make the stone slab more shine, more glossiness. The main purpose is repairing the cracks, holes, disruption of surface, thus can increase the strength and beauty the stone. According to the repairing purpose, including fill repairing, permeability repairing and specific repairing (for example, deepen the color and aberration repairing)
  Koway epoxy can satisfy heating curing, normal temperature curing, low temperature curing, different stone material, different production line (such as vertical epoxy line, horizontal epoxy line, simple epoxy line in sun) and different production process. Besides,we can supply customized products, can modify color based on customer's stone.We can realize 100% of yield by working together with customers.
  Product performance surpass the industry level, technical indicators are better than GB24264-2009 national standard. Epoxy reaches ROHS standard and LD50 environmental standard.


Stone repairing epoxy list

Product Mixing ratio
Viscosity Feature Applicable Scope
KW6188 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:15-8minlow
KW6388 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:15-10minLow
KW6288 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:140-60minvery low
KW6518 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:120-35minLow
KW6588 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:120-30minVery low
KW6238 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:120-30min
KW6105 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:140-60minVery low
KW6106 Stone Repairing Epoxy4:180-120minVery low
KW6181 Stone Repairing Epoxy3:140-60minvery low
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