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Free Session of the 15th China Xiamen International Stone Fair--Epoxy New Material Application in the Stone Processing.

  Free Sessions with 26 seminars in 3 days for World Stone Congress 2015 ended with today's lecture.
  Many professional audiences were attracted by the lecture "Epoxy New Material Application in the Stone Processing", which was host by Liu Xiongce, The Gerneral Manager of Hunan Kosen Mew Material Co., Ltd. For friends who could not attend but were expecting to learn about those information, we'd like to share this lecture here.
  This lecture consists of 5 sections:
  The situation of Quarry & Block Processing
  Brief introduction of Koway brand
  Stone Reinforcement Epoxy Technology System
  Stone Repairing Epoxy Technology System
  On-site Interactive
  The situation of Quarry & Block Processing

  30% blocks have loose structure, many holes and wide and deep cracks, this kind of blocks are fragile during transit especial sawing, which causes huge waste of natural resources and brings heavy losses to stone processing companys. It's urgent difficult problems for those quarry & processing companys to reinforce blocks and perform sawing smoothly without wast of resources.

  Brief of Koway brand
  Hunan Kosen New Material Co., Ltd. is a Hi-Tech company specializing in R&D, manufacture and marketing of Epoxy new materials.  The epoxy adhesives and hardeners are widely used for stones, electronic materials, decoration etc, the annual production capacity of various epoxy is about 10,000 tons with turnover nearly RMB 200 million.

  15 invention patents; 1 International Leading Technology Achivement; 1 International Leading New Products; 5 International Leading Stone Epoxy products;  11 China Leading Stone Expoxy products;  Granted with Changsha Science and Technology Progress Award for several technology achivements.

  22 Technical staffs, built up the most advanced laboratory of epoxy adhensive and hardener in the industry.
  Koway R&D center was accredited as Changsha Engineer Adhensive Center.
  Developed 116 Epoxy Adhesives and 21 hardeners, including 65 stone products. Globally have beening the only company whose products involves in whole industry chain, from Stone Quarry, Stone Repairing, Stone composite to Stone bonding & installation etc.
  Built up 5 global strategic markets including China, India and South Asia, Turkey and Europe, Middle East, Brazil and America.

  Built up 5 market regions and sales representative offices in China (Fujian, Guangdong, East China, North China, Southwest China)
  3、Stone Reinforcement Technology System
  This system was elaborated in 4 reinforcement subsystems, outer wrapping system, high-pressure perfusion system, vacuum perfusion system (outer and inner integration reinforcement), mining reinforcement system.

  With the strength and weakness comparision of traditional unsaturated resin and epoxy, it can be concluded that epoxy wrapping will become the development trend in future.

  High-pressure Perfusion:  By using the positive pressure, this technology is try to inject the epoxy into the cracks of blocks to reinforce it.  After sealing the block cracks, then choose the suitable epoxy for perfusion, the pressure boost equipment with up to 30kgs force makes sure that the perfusion process is controllable and cracks can be filled in high ratio, which ensures the blocks to be sawed smoothly.

  Compared with high-pressure perfusion only to solve the problems of block with permeable cracks, Vacuum Perfusion can solve unsawable problems resulted from serious block cracks (for example, Ultraman, Magnolia, Lightning, Antique, Sophie Te Kim), like permeable or non-permeable cracks, net or grainy materials etc.  This technology is quite universal which intergate the inner and outer reinforcement. This technology greatly improve the sawing yield .
  It's just been half a year since Vacuum Perfusion have been launched, it was used by over 100 stone companys like Universal Marble & Granite Group, Dongsheng Group, Xin Peng Fei Industry development Co., Ltd, Guangming Stone, Liven Stone, Xinsanfa Stone, in addition, it was also widely used in Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, India etc. Good application effects gained the recognition from abroad and domestic customers.
  1、This technology gained several domestic and international innovation patents, it should be used under authorization.
  2、Low cost, wide application scope, various stone broken probems can be solved.
  3、High level of mechanization, high perfusion efficiency, 2 workers can inject 4 -6 blocks everyday.
  4、Epoxy have very low mix viscosity and high permeability which ensures the good perfusion effect.
  5、The perfusion can be done under the very moist circumstance of block.
  6、Good low temperature curing effect, it can be operated under circumstance of over 5 centigrade degree.

  Mining Eninforcement
  Epoxy products which can be used under the circumstance that mine cracks are moist or have water. (completed)
  Perfusion Eninforcemnt Equipment, Operation platforms, Techniques for mining (improving);
  Cost, efficiency and economic benefit for Perfusion Eninforcement (improving)
  Succeeded in small scale test, at present on the pilot test stage, it will be launched very soon.
  4、Stone Repairing Technology System:
  The aim of stone repairing epoxy is to repair the stone surface defects like cracks ,holes so as to enhance the stone strength and to improve its aesthetics.
  Currently there are 3 processes in China, simple epoxy line in sun, vertical epoxy line, horizontal epoxy line. The adhesives used include Unsaturated resin, average epoxy, and high permeable epoxy.
  Koway new repairing epoxy and technolgy:
  Development Direction:

  1、Stone repairing is developing to the direction of brightening, shining and color homogenizing to realize the integration of stone repairing, brightening, shining and protection.
  2、The vertical epoxy line is used for high permeability and static curing to enhance the repairing effects for cracks, holes, wrinkles, disruptions, which satisfys stone permeability and repairing effects entirely and improve stone quality and one-time lumber recovery.
  3、Different products and related technics can be derived from repairing epoxy according to stone defects, stone structures, processing technics and quality requirements.
  4、Netting epoxy with water-proof, anti-acid, high strength takes place of unsaturated resin and its processing methods.
  5、Environment-friendly epoxy takes place of non environment-friendly unsaturated resin.

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