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KW5010 stone structure epoxy -white stone repairing and bonding star

So far, our company products 5010 stone epoxy resin have been comprehensively applied in white marble, artificial stone, granite stone ,repair large hole, crack and resistance to yellowing good for the stone reinforcement.
This is one kind of bi-component epoxy composed by modified epoxy and its hardener. There are properties as follows:
•Creamy paste, thixotropic, no sagging;
•Excellent adhesive force, very short hardening time, available at low temperature.
•Free of pigment, hardly yellowing.
•Water proof, resistance to aging, fit in the cold-and-hot alternation.
The performance of the epoxy is better than the foreign product of the same type but the price is less than 50% of foreign product .its came out bring the best quanlity of repairing and baonding to the customers and break the monopoly history of foreign company.


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