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Solution of difficult problem for the global stone Industry

  How to improve the yield in quarry mining and stone cutting is the most difficult problem in the worldly stone industry. Recently HUNAN KOSEN NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD, a worldly well-known manufacturing enterprise, successfully researched and developed the perfusion adhesives and technique for the stone block reinforcement after 2 years experiment. The project gained 3 national patents and was recognized by national experts organized by Science and technology Department of Hunan Province. The adhesives, machine and process reached the world leading level. Thoroughly resolved problem of low yield in mining and cutting block, improved yield from 20-70% to 98% and increased 1,000million output value. It is proved to be the technological innovation in the stone industry. 
  From block to natural facing stones, need go through sawing, grinding, polishing and cutting. Blocks in 30% of the total amount block are loose with many holes and cracks, which will lead to the slab broken in cutting process. And it causes the waste of natural resources and heavy economic losses of stone enterprise. This has been the top difficult problem in stone industry.
  How to resolve it?  With 10 years experience in stone industry and experts in chemical, mechanical and stone industry, investing in millions money, HUNAN KOSEN NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD has researched and developed the perfusion adhesives and technique for stone block . Block perfusion adhesives has features of very low viscosity, super high permeability, and colorless transparent. It is available in low temperature, damp conditions and also can be tintied to be different colors according to the stone. High pressure machine and technology can be realized fast injecting and strengthening the connecting fissure width in 0.1mm. Stone block with perfusion and reinforcement will realized to be yield in 100%. These adhesives and technique has been applied in many stone manufacturing enterprises in China and 100 enterprises in the world such as Turkey, Egypt, India and Brazil, with excellent result, high production efficiency and low cost (for Example, one block in 5cbm3, the cost is less than USD130).

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